WhatsApp Web Now Supports Document Sharing

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp officially introduced its popular messaging service on desktops.It is called WhatsApp web.It was introduced in last year January. Now recently WhatsApp introduced the new feature called document sharing.

The WhatsApp Web stores images in your browser cache, but that’s temporary.
WhatsApp Web works by syncing content directly from the phone. So, as long as your phone is connected to the internet WhatsApp Web will be able to show images. It transfers all the images from phone to browser for that time period.


What is the difference between the mobile App and the web
The web interface allows you to do a number of things which might or can be done with a mobile App. It also deprives you of some privileges that can be enjoyed on the mobile app.

The Web interface allows you to:

  • Type faster by using your keyboard to type
  • Use your webcam in sharing photos online
  • You can connect multiple computers to your phone and disconnect a browser you do not need.

The web will deprive you of:

  • Automatic emojis: You will have to manually add emojis by using the emojis that are available on the web
  • The ability to start a new group chat: You cannot leave an existing group chat or start a new group chat when you make use of the web.
  • The ability to block users: You cannot block any user through the web. You can only block a user through your mobile app.
  • Profile picture change: For the photo freaks who love changing their pictures and statuses, WhatsApp web might be a bad option.


This service was rolled out in the app in the month of march. Now it is introduced in the desktop also. Previously WhatsApp Web allowed users to share photos and videos saved on the system or use the webcam to take new photos and share it with the friends. The document sharing feature is now part of the attachment option along with the photos and videos sharing.

WhatsApp on pc

This feature works fine for both ways sending from WhatsApp for Android and iOS to The Web and the web to WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

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Recently WhatsApp launched desktop apps for Windows and Mac. With this launch, WhatsApp made its messaging service available across all the popular platforms in app form. The WhatsApp desktop app just like the web client requires users to scan QR code using the WhatsApp app on the smart phone. On the smart phone, users will have to look the WhatsApp web under settings.

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