Twitter Brings TweetDeck Account sharing Feature for Android, iOS Apps


Twitter is the most popular micro blogging social media platform. You can share the post, pictures and videos and even you can follow many celebrities to know their events.Now the Twitter introduced a new feature called TweetDeck which allows the user to view their multiple accounts in one window. It is like a personal browser for Twitter.You can share the multiple accounts via iOS and Android applications.

TweetDeck feature is currently available at and Mac app store.

Let’s see How to use TweetDeck feature

  • Go to TweetDeck website, or open the desktop app for Mac.
  • Log in with your Twitter account.
  • After the successful login, your TweetDeck account will show multiple Twitter accounts in multiple timeline interfaces.

Note: If you are using an old version of a desktop app for Mac (older than Mac: 3.5.0) then you can’t able to login in with your Twitter account.


How to connect multiple Twitter accounts with your TweetDeck account

  • Click the Accounts tab in the navigation bar.
  • Enter the @username or name of the account you’d like to add under Join another team, then select the account you’re adding from the list of suggestions.
  • In the new window, you can enter the password for the account and click Authorize to use the accounts.
  • You’re ready to use TweetDeck!


How to use TweetDeck columns

Instead of a single timeline, TweetDeck allows you to add columns to display specific content. Add columns shows many features such as results of a search query, a list of likes, the latest Tweets from a hashtag or trend, etc.

How to add a column

  • From the navigation bar, click on the plus icon to select Add column.
  • Select the type of column you would like to add.
  • Under Your accounts, select the account you wish to populate the column.

To remove a column

  • Click the filter icon in the column header, next to the column title.
  • Click the Remove button to delete a column.

Types of TweetDeck columns and their features

Home: Home timeline for your Twitter account.

User: Tweets from a specific user account.

Notifications: It will show notifications for a specific user account, including when the account’s Tweets.

 Search: A specific search term.

 Lists: Create or connect a list you are following.

 Collection: A timeline shows the Tweets to share with others.

 Activity: It shows the events of the accounts you follow.

 Messages (one account): Messages directly receive from the specific account.

 Followers: It shows the Followers activity for a specific account.

 Trending: It shows the specific worldwide trend events.

 Live video: The Live events will be telecasted here.

TweetDeck unit also stated that it is safe to way to manage multiple accounts without sharing the password. It is available within the Twitter app.

The window shows the multiple timelines of different accounts. TweetDeck was bought by a Twitter app in 2011 for 40 million dollars. After they shut down their services for mobile apps a few years ago. It is currently only accessible via web interface.

The microblogging platform also added 574 million dollar revenue in the second quarter of the year which is five percent decrease when compared to last year.

Now the Twitter has 328 million active users all over the world.

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