Top 10 Fitness Tracking Apps for Android

Fitness tracking apps

Physical and mental fitness play important role in your happy lives and if you are trying to be a healthy and physically active or burn more calories, let me tell you here some of the smart working fitness tracking apps can help you to grow in your way.

You know well the strong point of physically fit people, physically active people have amazing power and it boosts stamina, maintains a healthy weight, reduces the risk of many serious diseases, improves lung functions and strengthens immunity system.

Here, the physical activity means the movement of our body that can make you feel good about yourself and it comes in many forms such as high intensity of running, cycling and doing Yoga. The most important thing of installing fitness tracking apps in your phones is they are handy, portable and can be used anywhere anytime. When it comes to fitness gadgets, there are so many of those available in the top UK stores, but for apps, Google play store is the best place to start looking.

Here is the list of top 10 more excellent and smart working fitness tracking apps to ensure your body fitness and perfection:

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

fitness tracking appsOne of the best fitness tracking app and it should be installed on your phone. This app has an awesome feature to track any activity for an example when you walk, cycle or run throughout the day, see the real-time stats for your walk, rides and runs. Very easy to set your fitness goals based on the steps, distance, time and calories you burned.

You can also measure your body wellness. Receive aggregates info using other apps to track sleep & weight, nutrition and fitness.

Check in from anywhere. Also track your progress from your Smartphone, laptop, tablet; the web and even your android wear the smart watch.

Get personalised recommendations and coaching to reach out your fitness goals in less time. Good enough for the people curious to track body fitness.

JEFIT: Workout Tracker, Gym Log & Personal Trainer

fitness tracking appsThis app facilitates to keep track of your personal data and will always keep you motivated at anytime anywhere.

JeFit has awesome data-driven training and easy workout features that helps you to stay fit. One of the largest apps with 1300 of above exercises with HD images and videos.  It comes with workout planner with pre-built routines, body progress tracker, and training analytics.

One of leading gym training app well designed for the next level of exercises and workouts for everyone. Also, come with lots of interesting stuff that will keep you motivated.

Best app for gym beginner to the professional bodybuilders and weightlifters. JeFit has the ability to make your training more effective with the powerful exercise tracker. It tracks and stores your every run and records such as detail you need – location, distance, pace, heart rate, elevation and miles splits.

Nike+ Run Club

fitness tracking appsYour perfect running partner and has become the leader in running apps. The app has everything whatever should be to run better and stay fit with the motivation for millions of runners.

The app will help you to reach out your goals and you will have fun doing it.It has amazing audio guided running workouts that will keep you inspiring and motivating.

Nike personalized coaching plans will help you to reach out your goals. Let me tell you the best thing about this app: running is more fun when friends cheer you on.

To keep going, ask your friends to cheers by notifying them personally. Available trophies and Badges are more exciting to celebrate your achievements. Also, the app has good android supports that make you feel awesome.

FitNotes – Gym Workout Log

fitness tracking appsFitNotes – the best fitness tracker focusing on the simplicity, clean and very smooth design. Best to keep track your every single achievement during a workout session.  The only one app your phone should have if you are very keen to view, know and navigate daily workout logs very fast.

The app comes with routine – to provide you quick access to your most commonly used workouts, and calendar to highlight the day you have recorded training logs. This app has everything to keep track your workout progress. This app is intuitive and very easy to use by newbie too. It becomes easy to create custom exercises.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

fitness tracking appsWhether you want to be healthy, lose weight, change your bad habits, tone up or start a new healthy diet; this app will surely help you.

Calorie Counter has become the world’s most popular health and fitness app. It offers some wonderful features to its user such as: tracking food is easy and fast.

Choosing a goal such as weight gains, weight loss and weight maintenance; and setting it up by changing bad habits is easy. Choose from 350 of above exercise and connect 50+ Apps and devices.

You can track every single step taken by you daily. Also get support, tips, advice and motivation making friends and joining a community.


fitness tracking appsIt helps you to track your exercise, food and set a daily calorie budget.

This app is based on some of the awesome proven principles of tracking calorie and also the peer support for weight loss and healthy body. This app will also help you to stay inspired and motivated so that you will feel easier to make smart choices and achieve your goals.

Sometimes, when you need to achieve your goals seamlessly connect with right people, foods and the devices that will be beneficial to you.

This app is very simple and easy to use for tracking what you do and eat the day. This is honestly the best app keeping track of exercise, calories and weights lose.


fitness tracking appsTop rated fitness tracker helps you to get the most out of your daily walks, runs, rides and much more. Track your walking, running, cycling and other sports activity using the GPS and see speed, duration, distance, calories and your workout summary. You can also track your heart rate using Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

It became even easier to analyse your performance such and because of this feature, you can keep a full training log.

Get social by sending and receiving real-time chats and audio pep talks with friends and race against friend’s best personal time.

Set your personal fitness goals and following this app will help you to achieve your goals in less time.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

fitness tracking appsOver millions of people use this smartest workout and fitness app on the planet. You’ll surely love Strava if you like running, riding and just doing adventure outside.

The reason behind the millions of active people, runners and cyclists use Strava is used to record their personal activities comparing the performance over time. Track your walk, runs, rides and the activities using this app.

You can also get the key stats like pace, speed, distance, calories burned and elevation gained through this app.

This app is used and device friendly and designed very well. For better results pair it to other devices that come with some additional features.

Runtastic Running, Distance & Fitness Tracker

fitness tracking appsThis app works very smooth and good enough for running, distance and fitness tracking. You can track your fitness workouts with the powerful GPS and running map.

The perfect way to boost your running and it will help you to set up your goals and achieve it. The app has lots of amazing and latest features that a fitness tracker app should have to its use, you will surely become the fan of using this app very soon.

The app has advances analysis and stats features. Tracking your activities such as running, walking, cycling, jogging can be easily done by Runtastic fitness tracker app, go for it.


fitness tracking appsAn automatically tracking app tracks your everyday activity and exercise. It comes with some awesome features and let me tell you the one.

It records your daily walking, running and cycling by recognizing the places in your daily life. Fitness tracking apps motivate and guide user to stay healthy and fit.

Through this app you also see the path you took before and pedometer count your every single step to set your simple goals.

The number one benefit of using this app is seeing your daily activity in your life can help you to think about yourself in a new way. And you know small changes can lead to your good lifestyle and healthier habits.


By doing Yoga, healthy workout and running, you can easily stay fit but you need to have some smart working fitness tracking apps as well described above.

Inspect each and every app before to use them tracking the fitness of your body.

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