5 reasons How to Bypass 4 GB data limit in Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer

Jio happy new year offer

If you are using Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer then you have probably enjoyed the free Welcome offer. This welcome offer was introduced in the year September 2016 by the Chairman Mukesh Ambani. He introduced this welcome offer as a free offer to all the people in the country.


We can make calls and access high-speed internet which are absolutely free. The users are allowed to used 4GB data per day.At the time of this offer, the chairman had said that this free offer will end on December 2016. So all the people bought this Reliance Jio which is specially made to all the 4G phone users.

Reliance Jio was supposed to be rolled out as commercial aspect from January 1. Instead, the company has launched Jio Happy New Year Offer which came into effect on this new year. They have extended the free calls and data offer up to the month of March 31 as a new year gift. But now the data limit has reduced and users are allowed to use only 1 GB per day.

To browse again high-speed users have to buy the booster pack from Reliance Jio. which should help people to get used to the idea of paying for Jio. The company has priced this at Rs. 301 for a 6GB pack, or Rs. 51 for a 1GB pack, in line with what Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani had announced the launch of the network. Buying a recharge is pretty simple. I have shared some tricks and steps of bypassing the 1GB daily limit and continuous usage of data in 4G speed below.

Here is how you can use 4G speeds on Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer after crossing the 1GB daily limit:

  1. On your phone, open the MyJio
  2. Log in, or register if you haven’t already. Your Jio phone number is your username.
  3. Now, you’ll see a list of Jio apps. Tap Open next to MyJio.
  4. Tap Usage and tap on Data – do this to confirm that you’ve crossed the 1GB limit. This is because Jio speeds aren’t always stable, and sometimes a slow connection could just be a slow connection.
  5. If you’ve crossed the limit, tap the Back icon, and go back to the main screen.
  6. Tap on Recharge
  7. Tap on Booster
  8. Choose the plan you want, and tap on the price on the right side.
  9. This takes you to the payment screen, where you can pay via JioMoney, credit or debit cards, or via net banking. Complete the payment as normal.
  10. You can go back to browsing and be using the Internet as always, at the regular 4G speeds. Buying a 6GB pack will save you Rs. 4, but given that the data limit resets daily, while the 6GB pack has a 28-day validity, it might not be the most value for money option at this point. Later, once you’re paying for a regular data plan, it might make sense to purchase the bigger pack, but while the Jio Happy New Year Offer is running, it makes more sense to buy data in 1GB blocks – unless of course, you’re planning a big download and need to use up more than 1GB in one go.

jio happy new year offer

How To Remove Jio Happy New Year Offer 1gb Limit [Working]

This is only a real way to remove Jio 1gb limit so try the below steps

  1. First of all, you must have updated Myjio apk and kindly update it from play store.
  2. Go to date and time settings
  3. Turn off auto update date and time
  4. Then change the date to 2 days later suppose your Jio 1GB limit is exhausted on 29 Jan 2017 then change the date to 31st Jan 2017 [increase the date 2 days only]
  5. The turn on your flight mode.
  6. Then turn off your flight mode
  7. You will see the Jio exhausted data limit is recovered now.

How to bypass Jio Happy New Year Offer 4gb data limit using APN protocol

This is the latest trick to avoid speed cap in happy new year offer where you will get only 1gb/4gb data daily. You can convert this 1gb data into unlimited 4g data by following below steps carefully. This trick is also 100% working and tested just you have to follow steps carefully in your mobile network APN setting.

  1. First of all, set your APN as JioNet and select APN protocol as ipv4/ipv6. (leave all other fields)
  2. Now use Jio data till 3.6 GB in the case of 4gb and use 700mb in the case of 1gb.
  3. Now download 3 to 5 videos using youtube via IDM.
  4. If it reaches 900mb limit the download will automatically be stopped.
  5. Just resume it, if it will resume and you get proper speed then enjoy unlimited 4g full day otherwise follow below steps.
  6. Open APN settings and select APN protocol to ipv6 only.
  7. Now use 50 – 60 MB data and restart your device.
  8. Now again change protocol to ipv4/ipv6 and resume your downloads.
  9. You will bypass Jio daily data limit, now you will get unlimited Jio 4g speed with unlimited data.

jio happy new year offer

How to Bypass Jio speed cap using VPN

Another method which will increase your speed also with bypass daily limit data. it’s simple process as compare to above process.

  1. Download any free VPN which have Germany or USA server.
  2. Connect your data using Jio net VPN.
  3. Now connect VPN by Germany or USA server.
  4. Then there is an improvement in your speed and also you can use unlimited data with 4g speed.
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