How to earn more money using Bitcoins


Bitcoins are the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency.We can also say that it is the best virtual currency. This is going to be the future of digital money.

Many people are suggesting that investing in Bitcoins is a really smart idea. According to me, the main thing is we have to know some points to protect our investment and succeed in generating profit.

Here are some tips for the beginners who want to start bitcoin trading.

Choose your exchange carefully

If your wish is to make an investment in the Bitcoin market, you will need to find the good cryptocurrency exchange. Nowadays many popular exchanges are giving good profits to users through bitcoin trading.

The most popular Indian Bitcoin exchanges are, and

One of the most reliable exchange is Coinsecure. You have to choose the Bitcoin exchange which suits your needs. And once you have done that, simply register for an account and make your first deposit.


Do test transactions

First, choose the Bitcoin exchange and do some text transactions such as buy and sell bitcoins.Then you will come to know that whether the wallet is secured or not.  

Don’t sell it too soon

Once you have made your investment, you have to start monitoring the buying and selling bitcoin rates. It also works like Share market.Don’t try to sell the bitcoins soon. Just wait for the bitcoin rise.

Once it reaches the high value you can start to sell the bitcoins and earn good profit from them.

So what platforms can you use to Trade Bitcoin?

I usually recommend the only peer to peer exchange is Remitano.They are running this exchange in more countries.

The Remitano Wallet

Remitano has the own version of Bitcoin wallet. It requires only minimal setup and will start to operate in few seconds. Many people have tested this wallet functionality and they have reviewed it as the very secure wallet for bitcoin transactions.

Getting Started With Remitano

The sign up process is very simple and it requires the user to fill the relevant details only. Once your registration is over and you can start to buy and sell bitcoins.

You can use this link to start trading the bitcoins.

Once you start selling or buying bitcoins the bitcoins are blocked by the exchange.It will be released to the seller or buyer only after the buyer or sellers confirmation.

So you don’t have to worry about the insecure trade.I am sure you will like this Bitcoin exchange.

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