Top 6 Free Music Apps for iOS and Android

These free music apps would help you listen to music in a lot of imaginable ways. These are free musical applications to help you find radio stations near you, listen to streaming music, identify songs, discover new artists, and listen to your personal music library.

All of these music applications are totally free and almost every app is compatible with both iOS and Androids.

Are you the greatest music lover? Discover the best places online to listen to free streaming music, watch free music videos, and even download free music.

These applications will let you be up and run in no time and you will not even be able to recall how you lived without these apps.


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This is one of the free music apps that stream music for you to listen to. Enter your beloved artist and the app would play songs by them along with the same artists that the app suggests. You could rate the songs and bookmark beloved artists that you have discovered as you listen.

The Pandora application really works great when you are connected to WiFi so you could stream the music with no to little buffering.

Register for free with the app and you will be able to save your ratings and stations throughout the phone application and their site if you listen also on your PC.


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This is one of the very nice free music apps that listens to a music that is being played and informs you the artist’s name and the music. Then, you have the choice of making a Pandora station centred on the artist, reading album reviews, viewing a discography, finding tour information, playing it on Spotify, watching a music video of it on YouTube, and sharing your discovery.

Every music that is recognized via Shazam would then be saved as a tag. You could share the tags with your family and friends and view their discoveries too.

Oftentimes, you could even watch the lyrics scroll by as you listen along, depending on the song that Shazam recognizes.


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This is one of the amazing free music apps that allows you sync music and follow artists from your PC. The same as Pandora, you could make a radio station so Spotify would play suggested songs based on your first interest.

You could find songs by viewing new releases and top lists by searching for playlists and your favourite albums and artists. You could even add your favourite music to a Spotify song library and then play them later.

The application enables some various push notifications like for when a playlist has been upgraded or a new album has been released for an artist that you are following.

This app could also be downloaded on Mac and Windows operating systems.


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iHeartRadio is one of the best free music apps for Android. It covered if you simply need a radio app for your smartphone. It supports a lot of devices, has no commercials, has awesome features, and finds close radio stations with comfort.

Also, you could listen to podcasts and make your own music stations based on your favorite music, search for stations, and look in categories like oldies, rock, classical, holiday, alternative, the 80s and 90s hits, and more to find the song you would like the most.

Your preferred stations could be saved as presets. Also, you could set a sleep timer to turn a radio station off after a specific time.

The app also enables you to share a station with others, see an artist’s biography, and view lyrics as you listen.

The app is available for Yahoo! TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Windows 8, and more.

Slacker Radio

free music apps

This is one of the best free music apps that have pre-programmed streaming radio stations for about each genre you could imagine. You could fine tune these stations while listening to them to play more of the music that you love.

Also, you could make new playlists and stations as well as keep track of your preferred music and recently played music.

TuneIn Radio

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You would want to check out the free music application “TuneIn Radio” if you love radio but want its convenience on your mobile device.

This app enables you to listen and find local radio stations wherever you are and save them as presets. A lot of people love using this application while they are traveling.

You could also enter an artist or music and instantly have a list of all the radio stations throughout the country that play that artist or song. This app helps you to listen to that radio station from your smartphone with a push of a button.

You can purchase their pro application. The pro app lets you record what you are listening on the radio.

This application also works for some smart televisions.

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