How to activate the Facebook Profile Picture Guard

The social media Gaint introduced a new tool in India that is Facebook Profile Picture Guard tool to protect the profile picture that is being misused. The name of the tool is called Profile Picture guard. It helps you to protect the picture from stalkers.

Using profile picture guard the people who are not friends can never tag or take the screenshot of your profile picture. It is rolled out only for the Android devices.

The social giant Facebook quoted that the feature was rolled out after feedback they received from users in India particularly for the women safety. The new feature gives more control to users of their profile picture.


Why women choose not to share profile pictures?
As per research conducted by Facebook and a few safety organisations in India, some women choose not to share profile pictures that include their faces anywhere on the Internet because they’re concerned about what may happen to their photos.

Aarati Soman, the Facebook Product Manager, announced the new Photo Guard tool and the other name for this tool are Profile Picture Guard. This feature is expected to roll out to users in many countries as soon as possible.

“Based on preliminary tests, we’ve learned that when someone adds an extra design layer to their profile picture, other people are at least 75 percent less likely to copy that picture,” explained Facebook product manager Aarati Soman, in a blog post.

It’s not entirely clear why this design overlay makes the picture less appealing to would-be thieves, but it could be because it makes it obvious it has been stolen from Facebook and thus makes it easier to report.

“If someone suspects that a picture marked with one of these designs is being misused, they can report it to Facebook, and we will use the design to help determine whether it should be removed from our community,” added Soman.

This feature right now will be exclusive to users in India for some time. Because India is the second largest market for Facebook with user base over 160 million people.
Facebook also says that users in India will use the step-by-step guide to add an optional profile picture guard.

Once the settings applied, the profile photo can not be downloaded, shared, or sent as a message on Facebook.

Facebook reveals it developed the new profile picture Guard tool in partnership with Indian safety organisations like Centre for Social Research, Learning Links Foundation, Breakthrough and Youth Ki Awaaz.

The additional feature is that people who are not friends on Facebook can’t tag anyone, including themselves, in the profile picture. Facebook also says that it will prevent others from taking a screenshot of your profile picture on Facebook. This feature is currently available only on Android devices.

With the new Photo Guard, users who use the new tool can see a blue colour border and shield around their profile pictures as an icon of profile picture protection.

If you are excited about Facebook’s new photo guard feature then follow the below steps to secure your profile picture. One who wants to use this feature kindly update the new Facebook feature.

Let’s see How to activate the Facebook Profile Picture guard.

Method 1

  • Refresh your News Feed, and you can see a message prompting you to Help Protect Your Profile Picture.
  • Tap Turn On Profile Picture Guard
  • You will then see a screen explaining the benefits of the Profile Picture Guard
    Click Next
  • You will then see your current profile photo, complete with the shield symbol, with the option to Save
Facebook profile picture


Method 2

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • Tap your profile photo
  • You will then see the option (pictured below) to Turn on profile picture guard
  • If selected, you will get the option to Save, and then see your profile photo with the shield symbol
Facebook profile picture


Method 3

  • To activate the Profile Picture Guard you need to have the latest updated Facebook App, then.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Tap on the EDIT button on your Profile picture.
  • Scroll down and you will find a new option Turn On Profile Picture Guard – tap on it.
  • Tap Save.

To turn off profile picture guard for your current profile picture:

  • Click your Facebook profile picture
  • Click Turn off Profile Picture Guard

You can also add a protective design to your Facebook profile picture via Add Design option from the context menu. But according to my recent testing, this new feature allows taking a screenshot. However, there is still no way to completely hide your profile picture to discourage misuse from the public.

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