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One-Touch Photo Sharing Soon On Facebook:

Developers at the social media giant in Facebook are reportedly working on a stand-alone camera app with a big live-streaming component for users to easily click and share more photos and videos  a media report said.  This messenger app will come soon in android and iPhone. This is the good news for android users.

A prototype of the app developed by Facebook’s friend-sharing team opens to a camera similar to disappearing photo app Snapchat.

Facebook one touch

Another planned feature allows a user recording video through the app to begin live streaming the Wall Street Journal reported.

The company’s priority is to encourage its 1.6 billion users to not only to check Facebook daily  but also to share photos,videos and update their status about their own lives. The new camera app may help the company compete better with Snapchat an image sharing app.

Facebook Rolls Out New Tool To Let Users Type In Hindi

Facebook on Monday rolled out a new tool to let Hindi speakers express themselves in the native language with ease. 
“We are now rolling out a lightweight Hindi editor inside the Facebook app for Android phones,” the social media giant said in a statement. 

Facebook new tool

When the app setting is turned on, a button is added to the bar where you type updates and comments, which automatically transliterates Roman characters to Devanagari script. 

“When people use this, we take the characters typed in English and suggests similar Devanagari characters. This new option will also remember the suggestions you use the most. We’re just starting to roll this out and working to improve, but if we don’t get the Devanagari characters right, there is an option to type them in yourself,” the statement added. 

This feature is available to people in India on the latest version of Facebook for Android app, Facebook said. 

Facebook Messenger for Android helps to track your health.

This works well in facebook messenger for android. Now you can now send a Facebook message to HealthTap, a Palo Alto telemedicine startup. Users can either instantly receive answers to similar questions in Health Tap’s online database, or an answer from physicians in HealthTap’s network.

You can avail this service for free amid announcements made at Facebook’s F8 developers’ conference on Tuesday.
In the past, Facebook has worked hard to make Messenger an indispensable digital one-stop-shop, beefing up what was once a simple messaging app with features including video calling and peer-to-peer payments.

Google and Apple have already invested in wellness and medical projects.

HealthTap is one of the several businesses that Facebook users can now directly message, including the shopping app Spring.

This is intended to be an educational service, not a replacement for visiting a doctor. Moreover, this Q&A service is also free on HealthTap’s app. Doctors are compensated by HealthTap in non-monetary ways, like getting continuing medical education credits.

Facebook Messenger for Android 69.0

Facebook Messenger for Android is the official Facebook app. It allows you to instantly reach friends on their smartphones, feature phones or desktop computers. 

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