Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017

iphone 8 apps

Apple’s whole new line of iPhones has been announced last week and the iPhone 8 models have even started to ship as well. There are plenty of new features that Apple has introduced in these new iPhones and they’re, literally, meant to take your iPhone experience to the next level. But is that really enough to enjoy using your new iPhone to the fullest? Obviously, Not! In fact, you need some of the best iPhone 8 apps to take full advantage of your iPhone.

Let’s take a look at some of the best iPhone apps that can really give you a fully rejuvenating experience while using the new iPhone 8. You can find everything from social media apps to music and productivity apps for making full use of your new iOS device.  

Social Networking Apps For iPhone 8

Here are some of the best social networking apps that you must have on your new iPhone.


iphone 8 apps

Facebook is the most popular social network out there and if you are very active on Facebook then you must download the app on your new little gadget. It will help you stay connected with your friends on the go and Siri will help you post status updates without having to type them at all. So, download it for free on your iOS device and stay connected with your friends in the social circle.


iphone 8 apps

Even though Twitter is not equally saturated and popular as Facebook, still this microblogging platform maintains its importance in the life of socialites. If you use your Twitter account regularly, then this app is definitely a must-have for your new iOS 11 device. Even Siri can post your tweets as well just like Facebook updates.


iphone 8 apps

As far as social photography is concerned, you can’t find a better alternative than Instagram. Following celebrities, your friends and the trending topics is always a treat. You’ll have access to unlimited pictures in every category out there and you can enjoy taking a look at latest trends in just about anything you can think of. Besides, you can also share your perfect selfies as well and get some praise for yourself.

Messaging Apps For iPhone 8

Everyone loves to connect to their friends and family as well as others in their social circles on some instant messaging service. So, here are a couple of apps that you must have for this on your new iPhone.

Google Hangouts

iphone 8 apps

Those having Google + or Gmail account usually hang out with their friends on Google’s social platform. They can now hangout using a dedicated app for this purpose. There’s no need to browse the website and then use the chat window on Gmail, just install Google Hangouts on your iPhone and enjoy chatting with people in your social network. But remember, it gives you access only to those who’re using Google’s platform for staying connected.


iphone 8 apps

Another instant messaging app that is related to a popular social network, Messenger allows you to stay connected to your social circle on Facebook. However, when you’re using Messenger, you can talk to just about anyone one Facebook whether they’re your friends or not.

Productivity Apps For iPhone 8

There are some great productivity apps that every iPhone user must have. Here are a couple of best options that you must not miss out on.


iphone 8 apps

If you’re an avid smartphone user and love to use more and more apps and sites for different reasons on your smartphone, you’ll have the realization that how many passwords you have to deal with. And, obviously, it is not very easy to remember every single password that you have. So, an easy solution for you is to have 1 Password app that can store all your important credentials securely under a single password. All you have to remember is just one password, which you can keep complex as well, and everything else will be saved inside.

Apple iWork

iphone 8 apps

Apple’s alternative to MS Office, iWork gives you Numbers, Keynote and Pages applications to take care of your documents right on your new iPhone. If you have to deal with lots of office work and often have to open or edit important documents on the go, iWork is certainly a must-have for you on your new iPhone.

Music Apps For iPhone 8

If you’re a music lover, you must have a habit of listening to your favourite music on your smartphone in leisure time. If that’s the case, here are a few wonderful music apps that you shouldn’t miss out on after buying your new iPhone 8.


iphone 8 apps

Spotify is your alternative to Apple’s Music app. Though similar, still the two aren’t exactly the same. Spotify allows you to stream your favourite music and top charts without any need of spending anything. Just listen to music in the shuffle mode.


iphone 8 apps

Pandora works much differently from Apple Music or Spotify. It is more of your personal radio station where you can hit the play button to get your favourite music flowing. All the music lovers have this wonderful app in their collection.

iPhone 8 Apps For Streaming Media

If you’re a fan of those top-rated seasons trending on IMDB or love to watch latest movie releases on your smartphone, you must also have a few apps for streaming such media. You can choose the below options that will work better.


iphone 8 apps

Whether you like to play on-demand shows or just want to watch some movie from the available collection, Hulu is your thing. However, iPhone users need paid subscription for watching media using Hulu. The paid subscription will give you access to some of the latest content available on Hulu anytime.


iphone 8 apps

YouTube gives you a lot more than simply the media streaming options. It even makes nobodies popular within a matter of days only through their short videos. Having YouTube on your iPhone 8 will mean that you can shoot your next short movie right there. We can edit it professionally and share it with others on YouTube. Besides, you can also watch lots and lots of videos from others including your favourite movies and TV shows. YouTube has everything for you.

So, that’s a whole list of different types of apps that you can have on your new iPhone. There are at least two alternatives given in each category and you can choose any of them as you like. So, get ready for a power-packed iPhone experience as soon as your new little gadget arrives.

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