Apple announces iOS 10 with exciting new features

Apple announces iOS 10 an update with exciting new great features and redesign apps on World Wide Developer’s Conference 2016. The update includes Raise to awake,widget for apps,Music,Messaging,Maps and News will also see major changes. Below given some key points of iOS 10 exciting features.

  • Express yourself in bold new ways in messages.
  • Find your route with beautifully redesigned apps.
  • Relive memories like never before in photos.
  • Power of Siri in more apps than ever.

iOS 10 exciting features



Messages is the most frequently used apps in iOS. You can change the way the message bubbles looks. You can send a message like in your own hand-writing and your friends will see it animate like ink just flows on paper. Another feature is you can say things like ‘Happy birthday’ or ‘congratulations’  with animations that take over an entire screen. Tapback feature taps you to send one of six quick responses that let people know what you are thinking. Another feature is Invisible Ink-send a message or photo that remains hidden then simple swipe to reveal it. You can add a personal touch in videos you are sending like adding fireballs,heartbeats ,sketches and more. You can even draw over videos.



iMessage is the new app designed by Apple like WhatsApp. You can send messages with stickers and animated emojis. You can swap out words with emojis.It simply replaces with the words with beautiful emojis. Easily access your favorite apps to create and share content, make payments, and more, without leaving Message.

Apple's iMessage app


Siri works with your favourite apps from the App store, so you can ask it to book a ride through Lyft or send money to someone through Square.Siri now has more contextual awareness. It makes intelligent suggestions based on your current location, calendar availability, contact information, recent addresses, and more. It’s Siri growing more and more into the role of an AI or a bot. And yes, it’s based on deep learning just like Google’s rival system is.


Siri app

Apple Maps

Apple Map is getting redesign in Apple iOS. It is a lot proactive. Maps will offer nearby by restaurant and its redesigned look is  extending to navigation. UI is cleaner and it includes traffic information. It allows you to book a table like OpenTable and ride with Uber and you can track your ride also within Maps. Street smarter feature can make proactive suggestions for where you likely to go and the fastest way to get there. Along you route you can see whats around the corner and easily find the closest places for gas,food or coffee. Maps even tell you how much extra time it can take to arrive.

Apple Maps

Apple Home

Apple Home is the major all-new app today. It builds on Apple’s Home kit infrastructure to let you manage and control all your connected and compatible accessories around the home. This new Home app lets you turn on lights,unlock doors and even raise you window shades.

Apple Home kit


Apple Music-Redesigned

The simple intuitive design makes it even easier to enjoy your favourite songs. You can also view the lyrics while you are listening them.

Apple Music

Raise to wake

A new “Raise to wake” feature will, as the name suggests, wake the phone’s lock screen when it’s lifted to give you an overview of notifications and updates. The new notifications look significantly different and, with the use of a 3D Touch, you can respond to and interact with the app sending them immediately. This is very much in line with what Google’s been doing with Android.

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Widgets for apps

The expansion of 3D Touch on the home screen includes widgets for apps that don’t require you launching the app at all. You’ll be able to see things like the latest sports scores with the ESPN app, and even get into video highlights, without entering the app proper.

Apple News

Apple News

Apple News app is like Music app which is launched last year and is getting bug update in iOS 10. You can easily find the stories that matter to you most, in distinct sections of the beautifully redesigned News app.

Apple Photos:

It is major update in iOS 10 that adds a new object and scene detection for powerful search and sorting on your device. The photos app can help you rediscover cherished memories like weekend hike or your baby’s birthday and even you can create beautiful movies out of them.

Probably the most-requested new addition in iOS 10 went unmentioned during Apple’s keynote presentation: stock apps will be made removable. Company CEO Tim Cook had previously suggested that Apple would look to allow users to uninstall its default apps — things like Mail, Calendar, Weather, and Stocks and the next iteration of iOS will indeed give users that extra control and freedom to choose.





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