Android Vs iOS: Which Platform Is The Best Fit For You?

android vs ios

The battle between Android vs iOS

The battle between Android vs iOS starts now.As soon as the businesses get an app idea or realize the need of building an app, they jump onto mobile app development bandwagon. Developing an app for the multiple platforms is considered as ideal to increase the users’ outreach, and gain profits.

Well, the idea is good, but not feasible because of the time, budget, or resources constraints. So, businesses made the compromise by building the app over iOS and Android platform. 40% of the mobile application development company build the app that targets both OS.
However, all the companies cannot afford to build the app on both platforms. There the battle to begin with which platform- Android vs iOS starts. The race between the two is quite interesting as both the OS together cover most of the mobile app market.
In mobile app landscape, Google play store boasts of having over 1.6 million apps and Apple store enjoys the virtue of having more than 1.5 billion apps.
Both platforms are best at their place and it’s difficult to decide that heading on with which platform brings success. The decision of giving preference to one platform depends upon the business needs, target customers, platform popularity, and app usage.
Here, some facts and data are represented linked with  Android vs iOS fight which aids you to easily choose the one out of the two.


Android is an open source operating system which provides more freedom to the developers to experiment with the resources and devices features and integrate the tools in the application.
On the other hand, with iOS platform, the developers have very little to do as Apple mandates the use of its own tools and the complete development must be done by the developer.

Demands efficiency

For mobile app development, the developers need to be highly proficient in coding and have good platform knowledge. Due to open nature and easiness of coding of the Android operating system, the Android apps are built at speed with great accuracy.
iOS app development requires the developers to have expertise in Objective C language, that’s complex to learn and apply. Additionally, understanding the business app requirement and crafting a solution in accordance with it, is time-consuming.

Users Demographics

In the global market between the battle of Android vs iOS, Android is a winning player in terms of the number of apps on the app store and the number of downloads due to the increased penetration of the low-priced smartphones in the emerging markets.
The iOS platform occupies comparatively a small share in the global market and they are more popular among the high-income groups. Also, the average spending and engagement rates are higher for iOS applications.

Revenue generation

The app monetization strategy of both the platforms is different. Apple store has a large number of premium apps with in-app purchases, which is a major source of revenue generation for the iOS platform. Instead, most of the Android apps are free, but the high volume of advertising support brings dollars to the businesses.
Vividly, iOS apps generate 70% more revenue as opposed to Android apps. Based on the monetization model, you can select any platform.

Development time

The time to build Android app is little longer than iOS app development due to the availability of a large number of Android smartphones with distinct screen sizes and OS versions. The wide range of Android mobile makes the work of developers difficult as they need to build the apps catering different devices’ size and hardware.
On the other hand, Apple has fewer devices in the market, but the user adoption rate of the latest iOS version is higher. Based on the supported devices and versions, the app development time gets slashed.
Testing of the Android app is simple wherein the beta version of the app can be released to check the features and functionalities of the app. The app release in Google play store is completely free, while the Apple store charges $200 for a single release.

Development cost

The development cost is decided by the app idea complexity and the number of features to include. With increasing level of app complexity, more time and resources investment will be needed that uplifts the dollars investment too. It has nothing to do with the platforms.
For Android platform, depending on the number of devices and versions aimed, the cost of the app is decided. Similar is the case with iOS apps. When you target an equal number of devices and version on both platforms, then cost of development remains the same.


Android platform is a champion when it comes to making the app because of the less stringent guidelines. Your app will get approved within a couple of days in Google app store. But Apple store takes weeks to approve the iOS apps. 
Besides, after making updates to the app, again Apple store approval takes longer time as compared to Google play store which pushes the updates in a matter of hours.

Consider location

It’s true that geographical area plays a vital role in making the decision. We have to think whether the app should be built on the top of iOS or Android platform.
Building iOS apps are worth at the place where the people with high-income groups are found, that’s developed countries. Android apps focus more on masses. It gains more popularity in developing regions such as Asia, South America, Africa, Vietnam and more.

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What’s the outcome?

Finally, decide whether you want to build the app for iOS, for Android or for both platforms. Both the platforms have their own advantages and the downsides.
At first, take a look at the application type, target audience, demographics, release cycle and the monetization model to find out what works for you. Also, don’t hustle and compare all the aspects of Android and iOS applications that best suit your business needs.

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