10 Tips to make windows 10 faster

make windows 10 faster

This is true that your Windows 10 probably won’t give the same service as it did when you first bought it. And the reason behind that is all the files and clutters that you make on your PC or Laptop that apparently slows down the Windows 10. There are many other reasons, but we won’t get to that. Because we are targeting on finding a solution for you.

Read on to find out how to make windows 10 faster and work as it did before.

Tips on How to make windows 10 faster

Many of the users want to know how to make windows 10 faster, and we have just the right tips for you.

Go Opaque

make Windows 10 faster

We can all agree that the Start-up menu of Windows 10 is quite charming with that see-through factor, but that also costs a lot in terms of speed and performance. The solution here is to go to the setting and disable the transparency.

Launch the Settings app -> Personalization -> Colors. On the right side uncheck the option which reads Make Start, taskbar, and action centre transparent.

Say No To Special Effects

make Windows 10 faster

All those snazzy and amazing effects can slow down your Windows 10 in a more effective way. The solution? Well, simply turn off all those special effects and animations that are otherwise unnecessary on your PC. For that:

In the start menu, search bar type “Advanced system settings” and when it appears in the search result click to open it. This will launch the System Properties windows.

Under Performance, section click on the Settings button. Under Visual Effects tab select the option which reads “Adjust for best performance“. Click Apply and then Click OK.

Alternatively, you can select Choose option and turn off all the animations features listed below.

Disable The Start-up Programs

make Windows 10 faster

Too many unnecessary programs can make your computer slow. You might even notice some changes when it takes longer to boot the PC. Going to the Task Manager and striking off the names of the programs that you don’t want on the list is a solution to speed up the Windows 10.

To launch Task Manager make right click on the Windows 10 taskbar and then from the context menu select Task Manager.

Switch to Startup tab. Here right click on the program and select Disable. Try to disable program with high startup impact.

Fixing The Problems

make Windows 10 faster

Troubleshooter options on the PC are made to make your problems go away. All you to do is find them, but wait, the Troubleshooter already does that for you. Windows 10 comes with various troubleshooter to fix the problems. To reach troubleshooter sections:

Launch the Settings app -> Update & Security -> Troubleshoot. On the right side, you will find out all the troubleshooter available for the different components

Reducing Boot Menu Time

make Windows 10 faster

When the computer starts one of the things to notice is that the boot menu remains opened for quite some time. A clever way to make sure that your Windows 10 remains fast is to reduce that time from its default selection of 30 seconds.

For that again launch the Advanced system settings (Just like you did in step 2). Under Startup and Recovery section click on the Settings button. 

This will launch the Startup and Recovery settings windows. Here change the value of “Time to display the list of operating systems” from 30 to 10. Click OK to apply the changes.

No Tips

make Windows 10 faster

Make sure that you turn off the tips feature that your computer gives you on how to make a proper use of your Windows 10 as they can have an impact on the speed and performance of your Windows 10.

You can do that by navigating to Settings -> System -> Notifications & Actions. On the right side toggle off the option which reads “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.”

Run Disk-Clean up

make Windows 10 faster

It is an amazing tip to make sure that your hard drive is cleaned of the unnecessary items and also your Windows 10 gets a boost from all that free space.

To run disk cleanup, you need to type Disk Cleanup in the Start menu search bar and when the same desktop application appears on the search result click to open it.

Select the C: drive and click on the OK button and wait for few section. Disk Cleanup for C: a window will appear. Here click on the button which reads “Clean up system files.”

Eradicate Bloatware

make Windows 10 faster

It is a smart move to remove the pre-installed apps on the PC if you don’t have any use for them. This can save a lot of space on the computer.

For that launch the Settings app -> Apps -> Apps & Features. On the right side, you will find out the list of apps installed on your system. Simply uninstall the one which you don’t find useful.

Power Saver

make Windows 10 faster

It is not really a good idea to use the Power saver option when you don’t require it. Just go to the option in the Settings and turn it off. 

For that again launch the Settings app -> System -> Power & Sleep. On the right side scroll down and click on the link which reads “Additional Power Settings.” 

This will launch the Power option window in Control panel. Here make sure that preferred plan is selected to be Balanced.

Quick Reboot

make Windows 10 faster

Sometimes a good old restarting the PC works like a charm in boosting up the speed of your Windows 10.

So, here are the few tricks to make sure that your Windows 10 has its peppy speed back on. Make sure you follow these tips in case of any complaints.

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